Sun Jan 07 2024


For GST Tax payable for March 2023 month, cash payment was made by raising a challan, but while filing GSTR 3B due to autofill option the tax got paid through ITC Credit instead of Cash.  Later through DRC 03 cash challan was utilized for GST payment. In GSTR 3B form in April the ITC credit reversal was shown in Table 4-Eligible ITC 4D (1), is this correct way of reversing the ITC Credit.

In GSTR9, in Table 9 Tax payable is shown as paid from ITC Credit. Any correction to be done in GSTR9

Please clarify on the correction to be done in GSTR3B and GSTR9

Sun Jan 07 2024


I need more information before I can answer this question.

  1. For example, if you had ITC available, then why you want to pay in cash. Is the ITC ineligible?
  2. When was DRC-03 payment was made and what section was selected while making payment.
  3. If you have already utilised the ITC in march 2023. How did you reverse the same ITC in april 2023. It will not be available again.

And from what I understood, you should do this -

  1. Intimate the Range officer the reason for DRC-03 payment in writing. Keep a signed copy of that letter with you.
  2. Yes, make amendments in GSTR-9, it is for this very reason.

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