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GSTIN Validator (Registration Status for Multiple GSTINs) is back...

Every regular taxpayer with turnover above a certain limit files GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B every month and gets auto-populated GSTR-2A/2B. Some are also required to file GSTR-9.

  • GSTR 1: Invoice wise Sales Data
  • GSTR 2A: Invoice wise Purchase Data
  • GSTR 3B: Summery of Sales and Purchase ITC
  • GSTR 9: Final Annual Return with corrections

Software Support

FeatureCGST Officers
SGST Officers
(Commercial Taxes)
Invoice-wise ITC Matching
Scrutiny of GST Returns (GSTR 1 vs 3b vs 2A vs 9)xx
GSTR-1 Consolidationx
GSTR-2A Consolidation
GSTR-3B Consolidationx
GSTR 1 vs 3bx

Software Features

GST Doctor Software FeaturesFree Version
Scrutiny of GST Returns (GSTR 1 vs 3b vs 2A vs 9)
ITC Invoice-wise matching
Sheetwise GSTR-1 Consolidation
Detects GSTR-1 Invoices uploaded in wrong month (for interest)
Net Taxable Turnover (B2B+B2C+DN-CN)
Sheetwise GSTR-2A Consolidation (Taxpayer & Officer version)
Forward Charge and RCM Invoices in separate sheets
GSTR-3b Consolidation
Populate extended due date of 3b for that month
Auto-calculation of Interest based on correct due date
GSTR 1 vs 3b (Taxable and Non-taxable separately)

GSTR 1 and GSTR 2A needs to be consolidated and compared with GSTR 3B data summery. Each of these Returns have about 8-10 sheets per month. That is a lot of data to consolidate. To make this process faster the software can be used to consolidate GSTR 1, GSTR 3b and GSTR 2A within seconds. It can also do “GSTR 1 vs GSTR 3b GSTR 2A vs GSTR 9” and “GSTR 2A - GSTR 3b Invoice wise ITC Matching” very fast.

Scrutiny of GST Returns

Scrutiny of GST Returns (GSTR 1 vs 3b vs 2A vs 9) will now take less than a minute. Just upload all the files (12 GSTR-1 excel files, 12 GSTR-3b pdf files, 12 GSTR-2A excel files and 1 GSTR-9 Excel file) and click reconcile followed by download.

It takes care of things Advances, Amendments, Credit Debit Notes etc. and compares with the taxes paid only after getting net of all calculations. You need to provide GSTR-9 for this calculation.


Let us now checkout the main part of the software that is GST Doctor ITC Matching Software. How to use it and is what situations to use it.

GST Doctor ITC Matching Software

GST Doctor ITC Matching Software

The software is specially designed to match GST ITC data invoice-wise. We can match any combination of files depending on what kind of results we want. Here are some examples:

S.No.What to MatchWhy to Match
1ITC Data vs GSTR 2A/2B (B2B and Debit Notes)For ITC Verification (Not in 2A, Duplicate, Tax Mismatch etc.)
2ITC Data vs GSTR 2A/2B Credit NotesFor finding out invoices on which ITC was taken and credit note was also issued. (For Reversals)
3Imports Data vs GSTR 2A/2B (IMPG*)For matching BOEs with auto populated data and greening if the IGST Value is taken as credit not Customs Duty (Look for Tax Mismatch)
4ITC Reversal Data vs ITC ObjectionIf the Taxpayer has already reversed ITC through DRC-03 or GSTR 3B, get the invoice wise data and match with our ITC Objection (Not in 2A, Tax Mismatch, Duplicate etc. from S. No. 1 and other Blocked Credits under section 17(5).
5ITC Reversal Data vs 2A Credit NotesAfter selecting the credit notes for reversals (from S. No. 2) match with already reversed ITC Data (DRC-03 or GSTR 3B)
6GSTR 2A RCM Invoices vs RCM Payment in 3BIf GSTR 2A populated RCM is more than what is shown in GSTR 3B, we can match the data to find out which invoices were left out and ask clarification regarding the same.

Input File Format for ITC Matching

The software accepts Two Excel Files in .xls and .xlsx format for matching. The files must have 6 columns in this order-

Format of ITC Taken data file

Please covert both files ITC Data and GSTR 2A in this format by deleting unnecessary columns and upload in the software.

Note: If you are using it to match Imports Data use GSTIN as AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (15 times A) in place of GSTIN and BOE No. and BOE Date in in place of Invoice No. and Invoice Date. Put IGST at IGST column and put CGST, SGST as 0, 0. Do this in both the files Imports Data as well as 2A IMPG

Matching Result Format

Once the matching is complete and result file is downloaded, Each ITC entry has the “matching flag” and the corresponding matched data from 2A is shown right next to it for easy comparison.

FlagAction Required
Fully MatchedNo Action Required
GSTIN MismatchNo Action Required
Invoice No MismatchNo Action Required
Invoice Date MismatchNo Action Required
Tax MismatchIf ITC > 2A, ask for reversal
else if ITC < 2A OK (maybe some part of invoice is blocked credit)
Tax Head MismatchCGST + SGST has been taken as IGST or vice versa, take appropriate action
Weak MatchCheck manually and verify if it should be allowed.
Debit EntryNegative entries, reversal made in books, use it for Reversal Matching later
Duplicate InvoicesInvoices that are taken twice, ask for reversal
NegligibleInvoices with tax less than 5 Rs
Not in 2AInvoices not reflecting in GSTR-2A of the Taxpayer, ask for reversal

Similarly, for invoices in GSTR-2A one flag is assigned in MATCHED? column “Y” or “N”, where “Y” means it has been matched with some ITC Invoice and “N” means it has still not been matched and can be matched manually afterwards.

Extra Features

Pivot ITC Invoices – Check this box if the supplier has taken ITC on same invoice in multiple parts. It will merge all the invoices having same GSTIN, Invoice No and Invoice Date placed one after another. Usually, it is recommended to green this box.

Faster Matching – Check this box if the matching data is large. It will not provide GSTIN-WISE summery.

GSTR 1 Consolidator

Month-wise GSTR-1 returns can be downloaded from GST App Store and browsed into this software for consolidation.

GSTR 1 Consolidator

Extra Features: Other than generating a consolidated GSTR 1, the software also greens whether old invoices are uploaded in the later month return. (e.g. Invoice dated 25/Jan/2022 shown in Mar-2022 GSTR-1) such invoices can be filtered using remarks column and Interest can be demanded for such invoices.

GSTR 2A Consolidator

Like GSTR-1, month-wise GSTR-2A downloaded from GST App Store/Taxpayer Portal can also be consolidated.

GSTR 2A Consolidator

Extra Features: After consolidating GSTR-2A, the software will filter the Invoices marked as RCM Invoices and give them in separate sheet that can be matched with the RCM payment shown in 3B.

GSTR 3b Consolidator

Just like GSTR-1 and GSTR 2A, month-wise GSTR-3b pdf downloaded from GST App Store can also be consolidated.

GSTR 3B Consolidator

Extra Features: While consolidating GSTR-3b the software also calculates Interest on Cash Portion (Forward Charge + RCM) for late filing of 3b considering extended due date for 3b.