Mon May 20 2024


I have invoices more than 5lakh+ in 3B and when I did the scrutiny with 2A, after downloading file, not all Invoices are being taken up by the software both from 2A & 3B side, I tried different years data still more than 50k+ are being left by the software giving me wrong output. I tried multiple times and different output is coming both on fast and old method.

Wed May 15 2024


Hi, different outcomes are expected of Fast and Old method. Old method is more accurate but in case of huge number of invoices, Old method becomes inefficient due to Time complexity. Hence clever approximations are introduced in Fast method.

Coming to the invoices being left out, please let me know if the invoices are being left out at the bottom of the page or in between. Then I will help you further.

Possible Reasons-

  1. If the invoices are being left out at the bottom, please check if there is a blank line between the data which makes software think the data ends there.
  2. If the invoices are being left out in the middle, check if the invoices are being merged having same GSTIN and Invoice No. and Invoice Date.

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