GST ITC Matching Tool - Usage Instructions

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GST Doctor

GST Doctor on Wed Apr 26 2023


GST ITC Matching Tool matches GST ITC Invoices with GSTR-2A/2B Invoices and provides matching results such as - Fully Matched, Tax Mismatch, GSTIN Mismatch, Invoice No Mismatch, Invoice Date Mismatch, Not Matched etc.

Input File Format

To use this tool, please provide ITC File and GSTR-2A File with 9 column format. The columns in excel file should be in the following sequence.

  1. GSTIN
  3. INV NO
  6. IGST
  7. CGST
  8. SGST
  9. CESS

Both the .xlsx files should have the above mentioned columns in the same sequence. You can download a sample file to check the format.

Once you have both the files ready to use, you may directly visit the GST ITC Matching Tool page and start matching.

Note: In case the Input Excel file, has more than one sheets, the software will look only in the first sheet even if it is a hidden sheet. So in case of error, please check for this.

Interpreting Matching Results

Once the Input Files are verified to be in the required format. The software will enable the "Start Matching" button. After pressing the "Start Matching" button, please wait for a few seconds and result files will be ready to download.

You will get 2 result files - ITC Result and 2A Result.

The downloaded ITC Result file will have 3 extra columns - TOTAL_TAX_ITC, TOTAL_TAX_2A and RESULT. So in total it will have 12 columns.

TOTAL_TAX_ITC - Sum of all the instances of a particular invoice. Suppose an invoice has been taken in 2-3 parts at different places. Then "TOTAL_TAX_ITC" field will show the total sum of all 2-3 parts while individual part wise tax will remain unchanged in other columns (IGST, CGST, SGST, CESS). So do not be alarmed if TOTAL_TAX_ITC looks more than the sum of IGST, CGST, SGST and CESS.

TOTAL_TAX_2A - It is similar to TOTAL_TAX_ITC, but calculated on the uploaded GSTR-2A file.

RESULT - This field will give the result of ITC Matching. You can use excel filter on this column.

If you face any issues, please comment below.

Disclaimer: All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website (, is strictly at your own risk.


Rahul Chowdhry

Rahul Chowdhry on Sun Apr 30 2023

Hi, I just used ITC Matching Tool and I am getting a lot of Tax Mismatches. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have mailed you the files.

GST Doctor

GST Doctor on Sun Apr 30 2023

Thanks for sharing the files. I checked the files and CGST and SGST values were written in SGST and CESS columns. Please follow the correct format and it will work. The correct format is given in the above article.

Rahul Chowdhry

Rahul Chowdhry on Sun Apr 30 2023

Thanks for quick response. It worked now with 95% match. It is a great tool for ITC Matching.

Nitin Garud

Nitin Garud on Fri Sep 01 2023

itc matching pro version app how to upload format in gstr2a and gstr2a cannot upoload

GST Doctor

GST Doctor on Mon Sep 04 2023

Please visit and read the the section on File Format. If you are still facing issues, please mail on [email protected]

Happy Udai

Happy Udai on Sun Sep 10 2023

I buy gst doctor pro software but not shown software download tools please help

GST Doctor

GST Doctor on Sat Sep 16 2023

We have sent you a mail. Please explain your issue there is detail. We will definitely help you.

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar on Sun Jan 07 2024

Hi, Is this GST ITC Matching Tool (new) not working online. I am seeing it is not doing matching of invoices in ITC register with the invoices in GSTR-2A any more.

Milan Tiwari

Milan Tiwari on Wed Jan 10 2024

The online tool is currently not available, you can download the software and use it for ITC Matching.


ASHESH PATEL on Tue Mar 05 2024

GST ITC Matching Tool (new) is not working online. I am seeing it is not doing matching of invoices in ITC register with the invoices in GSTR-2A any more.