8 Myths to burst while taking care of New-born

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Pragya Mishra

Pragya Mishra on Tue Jun 18 2024


Being a new Mom is an absolute happiness and responsibility. Taking care of an infant is not an easy thing. You go to the hospital and coming home back with a baby is miraculous. Most of the times, mothers do not have idea that what to do and there comes advice. Advices are good, it shows people around you want to share their opinion with you and it may help you. BUT it is not always the case that you have to follow. Sometimes, advice is birthed out of myths which one has heard from the older ones. Mom needs to be very careful, and it should be her decision what she wants to follow for her child. So, here are some myths which Doctors told me not to follow in any case:

1. Massage the legs so the baby’s legs will be straight.

No, massage cannot straighten the legs or any other bone. Massage is for the relaxation of baby, it will not help in straightening the legs. When your baby will start to walk, many will say that mother did not massage properly that is the reason, legs are not straight. I mean c’mon, baby just took first step, when baby puts pressure on the legs, it will become as it should be. If in case, legs are not straight, consult the pediatrician and stop blaming mother.

2. Putting Kohl in baby’s eye will make the eye bigger.

Absolute nonsense. Putting kajal in our eyes as an adult, makes an illusion to eye being bigger, that does not mean our eyes are going to get bigger. So, with the baby, yes of course, putting kajal will make baby’s eyes look more beautiful but at what cost. Kohl is nothing but chemical even the Kohl made at home with almond. Using kajal can lead to watery eyes, itchiness, and even allergies. When kajal is washed off during a bath, it can pass down the small and narrow opening between the eyes and the nose. Babies are already beautiful. We do not need to put chemical in their eyes. Here, genetics will paly role. Baby’s eyes are inherited as the parent’s eyes are. We cannot make it small or big.

3. Put mustard oil around umbilical cord.

Again No. Please do not put mustard oil on umbilical cord. Cord will automatically dry within week and will leave the body. We do not have to do any treatment for it. Also, as much as possible, stay away from wetting it. If in case it gets wet, wipe gently with clean cloth. Do not put pressure on it to dry it. If you feel any discharge coming out of it, consult the doctor, but Do not be One.

4. Pressing skull will round the head.

Please No. Do not put efforts in pressing the skull. It will automatically get it’s shape when the brain will be developed thoroughly. No one has a 100% round head like a sphere, it is a bit asymmetrical. Pressing it to give it a round shape can be painful for baby.

5. Take the baby out in direct Sun.

Direct sun rays are harmful for baby’s soft skin. As we know that Ozone layer is now depleted and Ultra Violet rays are coming to earth directly which causes skin cancer. Just imagine, how harmful it is for baby. So do not expose the baby in direct sun light. Allow the Sun rays to enter via window or shield the baby with something if in field when sun rays coming directly.

6. Put mustard oil in private parts of the Baby.

For girl infant, it is a big No. Do not put mustard oil in her private part. For boys, keep the part bit greased but with olive oil or coconut oil. Avoid mustard oil. Again, if you feel any unconventional thing, just go to the doctor.

7. Do not let baby lie on the stomach.

It is said if the bay is lying on the stomach, it will upset the digestion. It is not true. Just one thing to keep in mind that if the baby just fed, do not let him lie on stomach. But instantly lying after feeding is already not recommended. You need to make sure that the baby is burped and at least 20 min is past. But while massaging the baby, it is totally fine to put your baby on stomach. It is good. Also, from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, parent should increase the tummy time for the baby. It will help the baby to learn how to roll which is a milestone for the baby.

8. Do not switch On AC, if baby is in room.

Maintaining a recommended room temperature is wise. Temperature should be more than 28 degrees. Babies also feel cold, hot as we do. We need to be careful when it is about Air Condition. It should not be below 28 degrees. Keep the room temperature comfortable for the mother and baby. Also avoid putting socks or mittens on their feet or hands respectively.

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