10 things to take care of yourself while taking care of new-born

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Pragya Mishra

Pragya Mishra on Thu Jun 20 2024


Having a baby in life is joyful. But when it comes to take care of an infant, it is a roller coaster ride. Some days you will feel that you are on ninth cloud and few days will be hard. So, here are few things to care of yourself as a new Mom, while you are taking care of your baby.

1. Maintain proper hygiene.

You need to make sure that you and your surrounding is hygienic. It is not only important for the baby but for you too. Clean atmosphere gives positivity to the entire aura. If you are fortunate enough to have good help around you, ask them to change bed-sheets, your sheets, baby’s sheets, blankets along with the clothes on regular basis. If you do not have help with you, make sure to divide the task based on priority and make this hygiene as your priority number 1. Do not allow anyone to come closer to you or your baby, if you feel they are sick or have cold. They will leave after few moments, you will have to deal with the sickness and baby will suffer.

2. Eat mindful.

Your diet will play particularly important role. Eat light, your internal system needs to be recovered so try to make sure that your digestive system is not on much load. They say you become what you eat. This is the best time to justify this phrase. If you eat junk and packaged unnecessarily, you will be loaded and your mind will be exhausted as this is not going to give you any energy.

3. Drink plenty fluid.

Maintain your hydration level up to 4 liters. It is important to clean up your internal wound which is caused by removal of placenta. So, drink water or hydrated fluid. Avoid drinking carbonated drink, those will dehydrate you.

4. Dress well.

Try to dress well. I know, finding time for this is not an easy job. But that is what we are talking about. How you forgot to take care of yourself. You forgot how much you loved to dress and make yourself pretty. Overlook your measurement for few months, like you are gaining weight which is quite normal. Do not worry for that for few months. Just love yourself and embrace this phase cause you will miss this later.

5. Click pictures.

Click memorable pictures of you and your baby with partner and cherish these moments. Moments will pass with eye blink; all you will have these pictures to look back. So, trap every single moment, like baby’s first smile, sounds and you talking to your baby and what not.

6. Massage yourself.

Ask some one to massage you. You need a good massage as your baby needs. It will relieve your muscles and relax you by increasing the blood circulation. You will feel much better after getting a good massage. Ask help, a woman is never that vulnerable as at the time of her postpartum. So do not hesitate to ask for help. Get good head massage too.

7. Listen to light music.

You need some relaxation so listen to some light music. Avoid listening to noisy songs. Listen to calm and composed music. Studies show that light music helps in baby’s brain development too. So, give this a try.

8. Sleep a lot.

Do not worry about getting up early and doing all the chores on your own. Babies usually wake up at night. It is impossible to get sleep at nights. So, in the morning, find time to sleep. Babies sleep at dawn, try to sleep then. No matter, how hard you try, you will be sleep deprived, so, whenever you find the time, stop scrolling your phone and sleep.

9. Go out with the baby.

For first few days, you do not have the stamina to go out, but as soon as you start feeling well, try going out for few minutes. Change of scenery will change your mind and give you positive vibes. Also your baby will feel good. Babies usually see ceiling in the room, they will love the natural view.

10. Avoid many suggestions.

You will have many visitors with many suggestions. Try to ignore those with smile if you find those not important for you and your baby. You will here such things “Doctors do not know anything, give me the baby, I will massage him hard so legs will be stronger” or many. Do not listen to these. Listen to your doctor.

I can totally understand, few mothers literally have no help. Also, they are expected to do house-hold chores in their postpartum. That rises the depression, anxiety in mothers. These suggestions are important for you but at the same time not possible without help. In a nutshell, we can say, without proper help, this phase cannot be made easy. At least give 2 months of full rest to new mothers. These months will decide your upcoming health, so talk to your partner and recover well.

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